How to book SGR train booking online with East Africa shuttles & Safaris. Book your advanced train tickets to Nairobi and

Train times, fares & information
Train times fares information

Mombasa online today and receive your ticket at your hotel or arrival at the Airport. Pay with secure online payment like paypal, pesapal and debit/credit card. Travel today at 8am ,3pm or 10pm time schedule from  both Nairobi and mombasa. Plan and book your sgr train ticket in advance for 60 days prio travel date. Book with East africa shuttle ,a reliable online agency giving you easy ,fast and smooth booking process. We are also open to train  reshedhules and cancelations incase of travel changes to our clients. We have first and second class tickets booked according to availability.
Fare cost for one ticket Nairobi to Mombasa is 30$ and economy fare is 10$ that exludes service charge fees per ticket

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