Affordable kenya train tickets
Train station

Discover Kenya by Rail. Buy affordable train tickets in Kenya online on our website or email. Travelling by rail can save you alot. Travelling from nairobi -mombasa via train is the most cheapest and affordable in Kenya. Additional to that it has amazing views as it passes via Kenya parks; Nairobi National park and Tsavo National park.

You can easily spot elephants ,zebras and giraffe while inside the train. Its the best for group, family and friends travel. Imagine travelling for 10$ economy class and 30$ for first class. Isn’t that affordable for everyone. The train has spaces for luggage passengers with allowed maximum weight of 30 kilograms.Passengers are advised to have a tag with personal details during travel.

The Nairobi train station is easily accessible by car, motobike or by foot from the main road. We also offer Sgr train transfers at an extra fee. We will help you with your luggage check inn or hire someone to help with luggage to the train entrace incase of dissabled or child passenger. Enjoy fast,comfortable and sustainable travel. East africa shuttles and safaris charges 10$ per ticket as service fees. We reserve, book,print and deliver tickets to your hotel / location in Nairob. Either way if you book our transfers the driver will deliver the tickets during pick up. When travelling via kenyan Sgr train  make your reservations your tickets Here or chat with Agent Here

Affordable Ticket price

Adults: 1st class – 30$ | Economy class – $10
Children (3 – 11 yrs): 1st class – 15$ | Economy class – $5 Children below 3 years – FREE

Note: Service fee is 10$ per ticket includes Booking, printing and deliver to your hotel.

Travel distance: 500kms
Travel time: 5 hours


3:00 PM – 8:08 PM EXPRESS
10:00 PM – 3:35 AM EXPRESS